Unstable life

We have had to contend with intense energetic weather over the last few months, causing internal and external pressures for many, where life feels rough and unstable.

Grumpy feelings

Resisting What Is 

We may feel irritated, worn out, tired, be at the end of our tether and thinking enough is enough! 

Oftentimes we have a tendency to fight and resist new incoming energies, not recognising that it shifts and changes our frequency so to release the old.  On those occasions when resisting, we may start to feel uncomfortable.

We tend to place our focus on avoiding the feelings and discomfort that arise, getting cross and frustrated all the while.

So much of our energy can be spent in resistance that we come into conflict with ourselves, leaving us exhausted with no where to go.

I have found myself that being in resistance and fighting the feelings that visit me is futile, it’s like being in a boxing ring trying to make contact with an opponent that cannot be seen only felt.

 What Newness Is Moving Through You?

I have come to realise that what can be perceived as intense energy waves has a positive side.

It has the potential to wake us up from deep slumber, shake us free from a stuckness that sometimes we don’t even realise we are in.

If we can stop fighting and trying to control those free flowing energies,  it slowly but surely nudges and pushes us along to awaken a little more, step by step revealing the true potential of what we are really capable of.

Positive times ahead

What newness is seeking to move through you? 

When not in resistance you are not stuck, there is room for change and a newness starts to emerge.

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