June 13th Group Distant Light Language Recording


A 30-minute collective distant energy transmission to be held on Sunday June 13th at 7.30pm UK time.

Additionally you will receive a You-Tube link to the recording of Light Language that flowed during the transmission.

The recording generally lasts around 6-10 minutes and you can listen as often as you like.   It will be available within 24hrs of the transmission.

No need for technology, calls or connecting online put all that aside. Just bless yourself with the 30-minutes of quality time in your own sacred space, it is as simple as that.

A few minutes before the start time you can relax and set the intention to receive and accept the incoming energies. I will connect with you energetically as a group.

You will receive an order confirmation, an energy healing information e-mail then a follow up e-mail with the link after the session.

Please check your spam folder if you find you have not received.

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