Is it hibernation time?

It’s November already!! Crikey Spiky where is this year going? Or should I say where has this year gone? I don’t know about you but I always feel the need to slow down the pace a bit at this time of year, much like nature itself really, where everything at the moment seems to be winding down for a long hibernation. Yawn!

It seems so natural at this timeof the year to take advantage of the darker nights and poor weather by cosying up, staying indoors, resting with a hot toddy or a cup of hot chocolate. On the darker evenings you just want to get home after a long days work, lock the door on the world and put those warm comforting PJ’s on, hoping that no one turns up knocking at the door.

In today’s world though the opportunity for us to slow right down doesn’t quite happen does it? We seem to do the opposite of what nature is encouraging us to do at this time of the year. What with Halloween and Bonfire night either turning up on the doorstep, Christmas knocking hard on the door too, it actually turns out to be the start of what for a lot of people is the busiest time of the year. (I’ve just flopped on my bed at this point at the sheer thought)

So i thought we’d have a look at a couple of crystals to see where they can assist us when we are unable to take full advantage of with those natural hibernation feelings that we may be encountering at this time of year, due to living life at todays pace.

The secret is in its name, This crystal has oodles of lifeforce energy, delivering feelings of warmth and strength. Its a great crystal is to give you a boost and re-charge your batteries so to speak on those dark, damp autumnal days. Sunstone can assist in reducing fatigue and weariness by raising your energy levels. So at this time of year if you feel you need your batteries recharging this might be the crystal for you, it’s a crystal to keep the joy flowing right through the winter.

Another crystal for this time of year is Citrine, this crystal can display the colour of a few lightly turned yellow leaves, right through to the full glory of the deep burnt golden brown of late autumn.

Citrine is a crystal which has the ability to stimulate mental focus and provide endurance, good for when you feel you are clawing your way through the day. This is the kind of stone you really want as it helps you get through those short days and long nights, with its warm and energizing glow. During the autumnal days when the sun starts to reduce in the sky Citrine brings in that uplifting solar energy to enhance your well-being.

Image credit Rebekka D