Crystals for your home

Before we get started, there are a couple of things I need to mention,
Crystals do a fantastic job of absorbing energy; they will quite happily absorb the energies which come into your home, from you and others, as well as any household electrical energy all day long.

The point I’m making here is if you have anyone in your home who is frequently angry and vents or a friend coming round and pouring out all their woes, your beautiful shiny crystals will be absorbing all this energy and you will feel ok…..


your crystals get full, they start to look dull and not as pretty as before, soon when they are full of this unhelpful energy they will start to bounce it back straight out into your rooms, you will then start to absorb that unhelpful energy and wonder why you’re feeling so TETCHY.

So please CLEANSE your crystals

The simplest way is by holding the crystals under the running water of a tap, and just thinking about them being cleansed of any unwanted energy.

There are many alternatives but this is one of the simplest and it will remove any unhelpful energy from your crystals allowing them to vibrate positive helpful energy back into your rooms.

Occasionally CHARGE your crystals, ideally under the full moon, or in the sun (non fading).

Now let’s get to the nice and interesting bit of how to keep you and the energies around your home vibrant and healthy with a basic crystal kit of:



Let’s start in the kitchen shall we, electro smog is a term used for all electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energy which surfaces anywhere an electric current flows.

Given the amount of electrical technology we have available to us from kettles to microwaves, it would be more than beneficial to have a crystal in your kitchen.

A Smokey Quartz from your basic tool kit works well to absorb this type of energy and gently neutralise your kitchen.

As Smokey Quarts dissolve any type of negativity it is a superb stone to place in the kitchen whilst cooking and preparing, especially if you have had a stressful day, as these types of energies will be cleansed and removed so as not to be absorbed in your cooking.

Frequent cleansing of your Smokey Quartz crystal is essential!


Blue Lace Agate creates emotional and intellectual harmony which is excellent for discussions and chats around the dining table.

As this stone has a cool and calming effect it allows for free expression without the fear of being judged. 

Use Blue Lace Agate tumble stones and a candle as a centre piece to create a wonderful dining ambience.

This stone is also known to assist the digestive process and can relieve gastric problems, the perfect stone to have in your dining room.

living Room ~ citrine

Citrine is a lovely stone to have in the living room it removes doom and gloom and creates a positive attitude.

It is a delightful generous stone which will create a cheery and abundant environment.

Citrine brings to you and your room a warm and transformative sense of wellbeing with its bright sunny disposition.

This is the kind of stone you will love to have in your living room as it generates a warm and welcoming energy that your visitors will love. 

If you like you can place Citrine in the wealth corner of your home which is in the south eastern corner and if you feel inclined you can place this crystal in the south eastern corner of all of your rooms attracting wealth and prosperity into your life.

bedRoom ~ amethyst

This is a beautiful calming stone which brings peace and tranquillity to your room, who wouldn’t want this crystal in their bedroom?

Amethyst can be used as an aid to relieve insomnia, releasing tension and helping you to relax so you are able to attain a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. 

Amethyst is also a beneficial stone to use in a child’s bedroom (out of reach of course) if they are experiencing night terrors or nightmares.

When your child is old enough you may wish to place a amethyst tumble stone under their pillow to calm an overactive or worried mind.

Although some find Amethyst too stimulating, why not give it a go and see if it helps? 

bathroom ~ rose quartz

You may wonder why I’m suggesting a Rose Quartz for your bathroom as most people relate Rose Quartz to finding love and having love.

Loving and caring for yourself first is important and one we are all guilty of forgetting.

So what better way to love and care for yourself than having a luxurious soak in the bath with a Rose Quartz .

If you only have a shower you may be able to place the crystal in a muslin bag and attach to the shower head so you can have a beautiful Rose Quartz shower.

This peaceful and loving stone helps to transfer the stresses and traumas of the day into calm and tranquillity. It soothes and comforts you whilst relaxing, it will guide you to fully love yourself, enjoy and give a try.

study ~ carnelian

Studies and Offices can be quite stressful places when trying to bring projects to fruition within time contraints.

Warming and invigorating Carnelian is an ideal crystal to place in your study or workspace when you require motivation and high energy for that work project. 

It is also ideal when your child requires inspiration or concentration for their homework.

Carnelian is an energising stone, stimulating creative thoughts and new ideas. It removes apathy and increases logical thinking allowing for success in business and other ventures.

Garden ~ aventurine

Let’s not forget your garden, patio and plant pots.

One of Aventurines attributes is protection against environmental pollution and geopathic stress which can be caused by energy disturbances such as underground power lines, so it is an impressive stone to have in your garden.

An excellent placement for this crystal if you do not want the it lying around your garden is to have them in a wind chime, how lovely to disperse the energies with music too.

Not only can Aventurine be used when working in the garden by placing in plant pots to encourage growth, you can also create an elixir by leaving an Aventurine in a watering can, topped up with water ready for the next sprinkling.

So there we have our 7 everyday crystals to set you on your way to
cleansing your home and creating a healthier environment to live in.

Some of the smallest crystals can be quite powerful so try not to get too
concerned about the size that you choose.

You may also find in the
future that you are drawn to other stones, go with it don’t be afraid to use
them….it’s great to experiment.

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Smokey Quartz Image Credit Pushok – Pixabay

Blue Lace Agate Image ~ Ondřej Synek, Pixabay

Citrine Image ~ KatinkavomWolfenmond, Pixabay


Wisdom of Wellbeing advises the above information does not claim to diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness it is complimentary in its nature and is not a substitution for health advice from your Medical Practitioner.