Crystal for insomnia blog to help overcome restless nights

Isn’t it infuriating how we can be so tired at 10pm, ready for a good night sleep only to be fully awake at two or three in the morning?

It is as if someone switched on the main light in our brain and off it goes. No matter how much we persist in tossing and turning insisting we will go back to sleep, we finally give up, get up and a new day begins. 

Crystals for insomnia ~ Three to try

Oftentimes we carry so much stress around with us during the day, we forget to take the time to fully unwind before retiring to bed.  All of which increases the chance of interrupted sleep.

So, I thought I would share with you three crystals for insomnia that may be of assistance, when it is time for you to hit the hay.

Moonstone ~ Natural Rhythms

Sleep disturbances often occur when emotional events impact our daily life. During periods of insomnia, this pearly translucent crystal can be used as an aid for balancing your emotions.

Oftentimes when experiencing emotional distress there is an undercurrent of agitation.

Unresolved problems cause disquiet and in many instances upset your equilibrium.

Let this crystal support you in tapping back into your body’s effortless rhythm, so to return to your natural sleep pattern.

Used in ancient times as a sleeping stone, beautiful Moonstone soothes and calms your spirit as it helps you to accept life’s uncertainties and unpredictability.

Try Moonstone as an elixir, put the crystal at the side of a glass of water for a few hours before drinking (indirect method) to promote peaceful slumber. 

Amethyst ~ Relaxing

Have an Amethyst piece by your bedside, its energies will endow you with a sense of relaxation.

Being busy, juggling, retaining details from dawn to dusk is a recipe for insomnia. This crystal helps to put to bed a scattered mind that just cannot keep still.

Although very common, this crystal is not one to turn your nose up at. Amethysts with colours from pale lilac to deep violet are perfect for unravelling information collected throughout the day.

They bring a sense of clarity and closure to a full-on busy period.

As you drift off to sleep this crystal has a bit more to give. Known for being a powerful cleanser its beautiful energies will work magic on your body and aura, leaving you feeling a tad brighter on awakening.

Howlite ~ Unwind

Howlite, a popular gemstone with Crystal healers. Gently emitting a calm and restful frequency it is an unassuming stone that is so giving.

Hold in your palm before retiring, to alleviate feelings of stress and overwhelm.

It is a good idea to pop this wonderful crystal under your pillow when feeling restless.  It will assist you to quietly unwind at the end of the day.

Offering an energy of patience, it is an aid against being in the vicious circle of trying to sleep and fighting being awake.

An agreeable crystal that simply hushes the senses making it easier for your mind and body to relax and fall asleep.

Choose the right crystal for you.

I have mentioned Amethyst as an option as it is a popular and much-loved crystal for relaxing.  But for a few people Amethyst can be stimulating rather than quietening.

I always advocate using crystals that you are drawn to, especially for sleep.  So, if you try it and find it over stimulating, do not be afraid to choose a more suitable crystal that may work much better for you.

If you are continually struggling with your sleep pattern, consider a distant healing A energy healing session often clears the pathway to a good nights sleep.

Wishing you a peaceful night’s slumber.

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