Crystals for Christmas Day

Christmas day is like no other and the expectations we place upon ourselves for the day itself can be very weighty. Here are four crystals to consider that can assist you on the festive day itself.


Christmas around the dinner table can sometimes be a fraught affair. If you have neighbours or extended family that join you for Christmas dinner it may leave you wondering how everyone will get on.

It’s a great idea to place some Blue Lace Agate around a candle on the dining table; this will encourage friendly discussions and thoughtful conversations allowing everyone to express their thoughts without the fear of being judged.


You might like to consider Sunstone if Christmas day is not a happy time for you and the whole Christmas experience leaves you feeling rather sad or blue.

This lovely stone will add a happy warm glow to your day, leaving you with a feeling of contentment.  Even if you’re just all Bah Humbug, Sunstone will still share with you its cheery disposition.


Amber is for you if you have been up since the crack of dawn watching children open their presents, stuffed the turkey, cooked Christmas dinner, cleared it all away and are now slumped on the sofa surveying the carnage around you and wondering, who will do the tidying and washing up before the next round starts.

Unfortunately, Amber does not wave a magic wand, but it can provide you with that last bit of Va Va Voom energy to get it all done.


If Christmas day has left you fraught and anxious, then choose Lepidolite to provide you with some calm and tranquillity. Keep one in your pocket as a soothing stone to promote emotional stability and balance throughout the day.

This charming crystal will assist you in overcoming the day’s stresses and strains, leaving you feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Although these crystals can be used as a great support for Christmas Day, don’t forget they are not limited to the day itself, their attributes are there for you all year round.

Image Credit –Русский – Gemstone Christmas Tree