A more recent addition to the birthstone list for all you lovely Arian rams out there is Apache Tear. 

This crystal is a type of Obsidian but a much gentler version than the Black Obsidian, phew!

Arians can be a determined bunch and this fabulous crystal can be a good source of strength when needed, it holds an energetic vibration of support and comfort when circumstances get a bit difficult.

A fabulous crystal to help you fathom out a solid plan of action, one that delivers hope and final resolution.


apache tear birthstone crystal for aries
birthstone crystals for aries apache tear

Apache Tears are fabulous crystals for igniting inventiveness, it has the capacity to open you to more positive energies by rapidly shifting self-limiting barriers.

Gently grounding and anchoring you into Gaia, Apache Tear brings about a sense of balance it is a crystal that offers the qualities of discernment and deep understanding.

More About Aries

Ruling Planet: ~ Mars
Element: ~ Fire
Best / Lucky day of the week: ~ Tuesday
Colour: ~Red
Most compatible with: ~ Leo
Lucky Numbers: ~ 9 & 6
Famous Arian: ~ Emma Watson

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Main Image credit ~ Aries by Darkmoon-Art