birthstones for pisces aquamarine

This is one of the modern birthstones that is acquainted and suitable for all Pisceans.


Pisceans or those with a strong astrological Piscean placement such as their moon in Pisces sometimes find it difficult to maintain an emotional balance, often leading to feelings of overwhelm.

Fluorite is an especially good crystal to help you shift those intellectual disturbances that you may be encountering, those times when you cannot think straight, you cannot see the wood for the trees so to speak.

This crystal imparts knowledge that is useful at those times, it aids in dissolving unhelpful thoughts and helps to bring about a recognition of limiting ideas and thoughts that you may have absorbed from others.

Fluorite provides an overall sense of clarity; it also gently opens one up to intuition and is delicate in doing so.

Blue Fluorite aids thought and clear communication whilst green can ground any excess energy so a combination of these two colours are a lovely crystal to have as a birthstone.

More about Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Best / Lucky day of the week: Thursday

Colour: Sea Green & Aqua

Most compatible with: Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7

Famous Piscean: Esther Hicks

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Main Image Credit – Libra by Darkmoon-Art