Virgo Zodiac Birthstone

This is a lovely tranquil and soothing crystal and is one of the traditional birthstones for Virgo.  With its blue hues, it points to Virgo’s great communication skills.


Amazonite crystal Virgo

Some Amazonite have blue-green undertones but none the less they all promote clarity and can be a great asset for anyone, even those Virgo methodical quick thinkers.

Bringing forth an alternative perspective and enhancing ‘out of the box’ thinking so you may reach those goals that may not yet be achieved through logical, practical methods. It helps to remove an old way of thinking.

This useful crystal is also great for removing chaos and disorder with as little impact as possible.

Try sitting quietly with Amazonite it will transport you from the hurly burly frenetic pace that life sometimes dispenses, to somewhere more peaceful and quietier, delivering a sense of calm to ones being.

Virgo Birthstone Amazonite

With a clear spirit, Amazonite encourages the connection to deeply felt emotions and assists in their verbalisation with an energy of pure love.

A stone of hope, balance and clarity.

More About Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Best / Lucky day of the week: Wednesday
Colour: Navy Blue
Most compatible with: Taurus Capricorn
Lucky Numbers: 5
Famous Virgo: Agatha Christie

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Main Image Credit – Leo by Darkmoon-Art