Taurus Zodiac birthstone


Rather than a traditional or ancient birthstone for Taurus, Rhodonite is a modern addition, and a splendid one at that.

Love, love, love this is what Rhodonite exudes. 

A crystal that loves to blend its refined energies with you, it encourages you to be more kind, compassionate and generous to yourself, bestowing you much love in a stylish and sophisticated way. 

Rhodonite Tumblestone for Taurus
Birthstone for Taurus Rhodonite

Rhodonite has the ability to add an air of refinement to all your endeavours, delivering a bright outlook to your day it is full of optimism and wishes to share those energies with you.

It likes to gently soothe anything that may be lingering within the Heart Chakra, such as  those little things that may be holding you back, it does so calmly and with tenderness.

More About Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Best / Lucky day of the week: Friday
Colour: Green or White
Most compatible with: Virgo
Lucky Numbers: 6
Famous Taurus: Adele

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