Scorpio Zodiac sign birthstone

One of the traditional crystals for the birth sign Scorpio is Malachite and an impressive one it is too!


Scorpio Birthstone Malachite

Looking at those multitude of swirls, one could say they represent those deeply held Scorpion emotions.

This beautiful green healing crystal helps not just Scorpio but everyone who chooses to, look deep within themselves.

It guides and supports you to release the causes of any emotional disturbances.

However, much like the Scorpion with the lightning flash of its tail, Malachite can also react fast at unearthing the root of a problem.

Take your time with this crystal, if you are not ready to let go, Malachite can leave you feeling overwhelmed, so gently does it.

Malachite Tumblestone Scorpio

Scorpios are often described as an assertive and determined bunch, this matches perfectly with Malachite’s energetic qualities.

More About Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto
Element: Water
Best day of the week: Tuesday
Colour: Deep Red
Most compatible with: Cancer & Pisces
Lucky Numbers 2 & 4
Famous Scorpion: Marie Curie

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Main Image Credit – Scorpio by Darkmoon-Art