Sagittarius Birthstone Obsidian

Vesuvianite also known as Idocrase is not an ancient or modern birthstone for Sagittarius, but a traditional one.


Vesuvianite birthstone for Sagittarius

Sagittarians bring with them loyalty and a caring nature, which is exactly what Vesuvianite exudes.

With their philosophical nature this crystal is an ideal birthstone for them.

It helps to pique their curiosity, to look at the why’s and wherefores so they may discern what is important to their advancement.

Vesuvianite is a very attractive crystal, one that has the ability to assist you in being more aware and conscious of your own inner feelings so to provide greater access to your higher self.

This crystal has the capacity to increase your aptitude for clairsentience.

Vesuvianite birthstone for Sagittarius

Whether a Sagittarian or not, the Vesuvianite crystal has a connection with your energetic heart, enabling joy and an openness to love to prevail.

More About Sagittarius

More about Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Best day of the week: Thursday
Colour: Pale Blue and Purple
Most compatible with: Aries and Leo
Lucky Numbers: 5 & 7
Famous Sagittarian: Dame Judy Dench

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Main Image Credit – Sagittarius by Darkmoon-Art