Birthstone for Libra zodiac sign

This crystal epitomises the balance that the zodiac sign Libra symbolises, an eye-catching crystal that is one of many modern birthstones representing this sign. 


Ametrine Libra Birthstone

When the world feels out of whack and you don’t know which way to turn, Ametrine will assist in you gathering your senses whilst giving you the oomph to head in the right direction.

These beautiful crystals aim to calmly assist you in bringing forward your heartfelt aspirations to fruition.

As Libra’s are said to flow quite easily between being extrovert one minute and introvert the next, the mixture of Amethyst and Citrine energies found in this crystal serves them well by enhancing that perfect sense of balance within, that they so often desire.

Ametrine Libra Tumblestones

This is a crystal where Citrine creates a sense of purpose and offers the enthusiasm to go for it, whilst Amethyst tips the scales the other way and ensures you do not go overboard and end up frazzled.

More About Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Best / Lucky day of the week: Friday
Colour: Blue
Most compatible with: Gemini
Lucky Numbers 5
Famous Libran: Deepak Chopra

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Main Image Credit – Libra by Darkmoon-Art