Leo Birthsign


With their ruling planet being the sun, yellow Danburite is a modern crystal for Leo, known for their dynamic and go-getting nature, this gorgeous crystal keeps their heart and crown energy centres aligned whilst going about their business.

Danburite Leo Birthstone

Often transparent in colour or sometimes like the one in the photo it may be yellow or even pink. 

Whatever colour you choose, it is one that just encourages you to let your inner light shine.  Just like Leo it exudes warmth and creativity.

It has the ability to promote harmonious relationships with others and can be utilised to connect the heart and mind, enabling decisions from the heart so to stay true to what is appropriate for you. 

And if life becomes a little overwhelming, then Danburite has the ability to calm a restless mind and bring peace.

Leo Modern Birthstone Danburite

More about Leo

Ruling Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Best / Lucky day of the week: Sunday
Colour: Orange
Most compatible with: Aries

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Main Image Credit – Leo by Darkmoon-Art