One birthstone for Gemini, sign of the twins is Chrysocolla. This birthstone is a modern one rather than ancient or traditional.

Geminis are known for their outgoing friendly nature and this crystal is worthy of their attention as Chrysocolla fosters good communication.  Pop one in your pocket when wishing to ensure friendly chit chat.

chrysocolla a crystal for Gemnini

It is also a lovely crystal to utilise at those times when you wish to share your truth, wisdom and knowledge in helpful ways, especially at those times when sensitivity is required so not to offend.  It just seems to help you to find the right words.

Invoking inner strength when encountering stressful situations, Chrysocolla endows the wearer or carrier with a good amount of tolerance and patience.

Smoothing over any edges with sprinklings of tranquillity and joy, this crystal has a genuine helpful feel to it.

More About Gemini

More about Gemini
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Best / Lucky day of the week: Wednesday
Colour: Yellow
Most compatible with Libra
Lucky Numbers: 5
Famous Gemini: Morgan Freeman

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Main Image Credit – Gemini by Darkmoon-Art

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