A birthstone for Cancer


Moonstone is the planetary crystal for Cancer and can be utilised as a talisman for protection when travelling. 

Moonstone Tumblestone for Cancer

This crystal has a feminine energy encouraging you to seek out your inner goddess and internal glow. 

It is reflective in its nature and will assist you to go inward and take a deeper look at what needs to be brought to light.

Moonstone harmonizes the natural energy cycles of your being, soothing and relieving any fluctuating emotions, endowing you with a sense stability and calm.

Alongside attracting loyal and true friendships, Moonstone is a beautiful friend and companion in its own right and will be a delight to have around you. 

It is one that enhances the already intuitive charms of Cancer, delivering clear sightedness and understanding.

Moonstone crystal circle for cancer

More about Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Best / Lucky day of the week: Monday
Colour: Silver
Most compatible with: Pisces
Lucky Numbers: 7
Famous Cancerian: Emily Pankhurst

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Main Image Credit – Cancer by Darkmoon-Art

Moonstone Circle – Whispered Secrets