Aquarius birthstone Amber

Aquarians are said to be deep thinkers so, given that Hematite is a stone of the mind it is a superb crystal for this birth sign.


Hematite is an excellent crystal to assist you in calmly disentangling yourself from what seem to be complicated circumstances.

It helps you iron out problems in your mind, so you can then bring back clarity to the situation.

This is a crystal to assist with the breaking up of any dense energy that you may be carrying, whilst dispersing and transferring it into a higher vibration.

Hematite enables a beneficial balancing of your body mind and spirit.

The vibrational energy of Hematite lends itself as a grounding and protective stone and it is a beneficial modern stone for all air signs including Aquarius.


Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn

Element: Air

Best day of the week: Wednesday

Colour: Electric and Ultramarine Blue

Most compatible with: Gemini & Libra

Lucky Numbers: 2 & 7

Famous Aquarian: John Travolta


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Main Image Credit – Libra by Darkmoon-Art