3 crystals for christmas

The Christmas cards are in the shops, there is an abundance of sparkly tinsel and fairy lights in the stores and mince pies are on trend.

Yes, Christmas is around the corner and before you run to your room, pull the curtains on and throw yourself under the duvet I have three crystals to lend a helping hand in the run up to Christmas.

No, they will not carry your shopping, but they will help you to get through it with considerable ease and grace.

Blue Calcite

Now don’t be waiting until Boxing Day to put your feet up and relax, there’s no fun to be had by chasing around at breakneck speed in the run up to Christmas Day with your shoulders around your ears.

Calcite for Christmas

And Relax

Blue Calcite will encourage you to take things at a steady pace; it reminds you to fit in that much needed rest and relaxation that your mind and body desire in the run up to Christmas. It is like a breath of fresh air sweeping through your subtle bodies with its calming and soothing energies.

Goodwill towards all can sometimes fly out of the window, as we get closer to Christmas. People put themselves increasingly under pressure as they have a perceived mission to fulfil.

Their tolerance begins to wear thin; patience evaporates and the energy around them starts to feel heavy. If you are susceptible to noticing others vibrational energies, the type that may pull you down then Blue Calcite offers you a sponge like protection, it soaks up those types of energies and gently shifted into a higher vibration so not impact you.

This beautiful crystal imparts a sense of equilibrium, with its powerful energies it soothes frayed nerves and reduces the worries of an overactive mind. A crystal that offers composure to an agitated mind and body.


This high vibration crystal brings you right back into your heart, and that is what Christmas is about right? The giving and receiving of love.


So, whether you are rushed off your feet or all neatly wrapped up in your own little bubble, Kunzite reminds you to sink deep into your heart and acknowledge those less fortunate.

Kunzite for christmas

Those who are lonely, or often overlooked during what can be a hectic period. It prompts you to stop a moment, connect with the world so you may recognise and share with others the joy and deep love that resides within and around you during this time of year,

In the true spirit of Christmas, this gorgeous crystal reminds us how to connect on a heart level with others offering them loving thoughts and words with a warm heart and much festive cheer.

And whilst you’re taking the time to offer others the gift of love you find that you too are embraced with feelings of joy, delight and a twinkling contented heart. This is the beauty of Kunzites and its gift to you, to share with others a blissful heartfelt lead up to Christmas.

Rainbow Aura Quartz

If you have a great deal to get through and a list as long as your arm and you can feel a major wobble coming on, then grab one of these little beauties.

Rainbow aura for christmas


Rainbow Aura zaps you back into reality giving you the opportunity see things for what they really are; it helps you to focus on the essentials.

This crystal balances your energies, so when you are feeling a bit out of kilter with all your Christmas to do’s it will quickly solve the problem by grounding you, providing you with that much needed strength and stamina.

If you really feel you need time out to escape from the whole situation then forget about long haul flights to distant shores, give yourself a Christmas gift and sit with one of these crystals, close your eyes and gently drift off to into other realms and dimensions.

It will elevate your meditative state and merge those wonderful energies into your physical world.

Whichever crystal you feel drawn to or have in your pocket over the next few weeks I hope it endows you with a smooth passage in the run up to Christmas.

I wish you a happy and peaceful festive season.

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Christmas Tree Image Credit ~ Mr1313 Pixabay