It is my aim is to offer a safe, warm and relaxed service, so you may discuss privately any wellbeing concerns.  All Clients are listened to compassionately and are treated holistically and with respect.

The distant treatments provided (some of which are created intuitively and specifically for you) are holistic and complementary in their nature, they provide relief for the mind, body and emotions. Any of the treatments are suitable for easing and diminishing the symptoms of anxiety and stress, they are also beneficial in alleviating the difficult symptoms often experienced during the menopause.

The wellbeing of you the Client is always important and discussion and feedback after a session is encouraged.


Distant Healing, Absent Healing, Remote Healing are some of the terms used when sending healing energy to an individual who is unable to, or does not want to attend a treatment in person. The beauty of energy healing is that no matter where you are or what you are doing you can still receive a healing session / treatment.

I provide personal Reiki and Crystal distant healing sessions along with monthly group sessions. There are no specific faiths or beliefs required for a person to receive any energy healing session and the personal distant healing you receive will have the same effect or be more effective than if you were attending in person.




Stress and Anxiety Relief, Increased Self Esteem, A sense of Calmness, Clarity.


Relief of Aches and Pains, Accelerated Physical Healing, Increased Energy, Restful Sleep, Physical Wellbeing.


Emotional Balance, A sense of Well-being, A feeling of Stability, Releasing old Emotions.


Some people feel very calm and a have a sense of stillness after energy healing, this may stay with them for a few days whilst their body continues to absorb the new energy, others may feel energetic and lively whilst some may feel tired and sleepy.  It is not possible to determine how each individual will feel after their treatment, as everyone is different.





Reiki is non-invasive and suitable for all ages, as with all alternative treatments it compliments any conventional medical care that you may be receiving.

I provide your distant Reiki treatment with the aim of improving and maintaining your overall wellbeing in a natural way. The potential health benefits for you are, deep relaxation allowing for the release of any stress and tension, alleviating pain and supporting your immune system. The Reiki energies promote healing and nourishment to your whole energetic system.

I have noticed that for many clients shifts have taken place after a distant healing session or two, that situations that felt stuck have dispersed or eased.  Reiki and other types of energy healing are a useful tool to help you release old stuck patterns.

Choose from:-

45 Minutes ~ £20

30 Minutes ~ £15

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Light language sessions to elevate your mind body and spirit


The vibrational energy of the Light Language transmissions that I deliver, come through as words sounds, tones or hand gestures. They are perceived by your body on a energetic heart and soul level dependant on your physical and spiritual requirements at the time.

Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level, it often sounds familiar but it by-passes the logical brain, speaking to you on a deeper level.

I provide your distant Light Language treatment with the aim of clearing old outworn energy that no longer serves you and to re-aligning you to your heart centre, creating an expansion so you may grow and evolve.

After your distant healing session via e-mail, a mp3 recording will be sent to you with the healing tones, sounds and words that came through during the session.  These vary between 5 and 10 minutes and do not relate to the length of your session. You will also receive a You Tube link to your own personal video with the images and recording combined. See an examples here 

Light Language is non-invasive and suitable for all ages, as with all alternative treatments it compliments any conventional medical care that you may be receiving.

Choose from:-

45 Minutes ~ £25

30 mins ~ £17.50

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The individual structure of each crystal, the minerals enclosed within and their colour all vibrate at different frequencies. Throughout your distant healing treatment, I convey the Universal flow of energy to you and the crystals; this gently stimulates your subtle body (Chakras, Aura & Meridians) and assists in bringing your physical and emotional aspects back into natural alignment. It is an exceptionally relaxing and pleasant experience.

After your distant healing you will receive an e-mail with information about which crystals were intuitively selected for you, their placement and their meaning.


Choose from:-

45 Minutes ~ £25

30 Minutes ~ £17.50

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A registered practitioner of ACHO who list qualified crystal healers that have either an ACHO Certificate or a full ACHO Diploma.