About Distant Healing

Distant Healing, Absent Healing, Remote Healing are some of the terms used when sending healing energy to an individual who is unable to, or chooses not to attend a treatment in person.  The beauty of energy healing is that no matter where you are or what you are doing you can still receive a healing session / treatment.

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Various Reiki and Crystal distant healing sessions are available as a monthly group session or as an individual personal session.  The individual distant healing session you receive will have the same effect or be more effective than if you were attending in person.


You can relax in the privacy of your own enviroment at a time to suit you, it is also a time saver as you are not having to travel to the therapy room, so avoiding traffic and all the stress that it can entail.


Stress and Anxiety Relief, Increased Self Esteem, A sense of Calmness, Clarity.


Relief of Aches and Pains, Accelerated Physical Healing, Increased Energy, Restful Sleep, Physical Wellbeing.


Emotional Balance, A sense of Well-being, A feeling of Stability, Releasing old Emotions.

Better still with Distant Healing sessions you never miss an appointment as even if you were distracted or forgot the time you would still receive all the healing energies you required at that time.

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A member of the F.H.T.  It is the U.K’s leading and largest professional association for therapists.  All F.H.T Members are qualified professionals.


A registered practitioner of ACHO who list qualified crystal healers that have either an ACHO Certificate or a full ACHO Diploma.

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